Mobile marketing spending is expected to surpass $1.1 billion in the US in 2011, and with good reason. Consumers spend all day, every day, with their phones nearby, making it a powerful medium for reaching customers with relevant marketing messages.  Smartphone-specific advertising methods will be growing along with the increasing popularity of smartphones, but for now, SMS marketing (text message marketing) is an effective way to target your entire mobile audience.

SMS marketing is simple, inexpensive, and an efficient way to start mobile marketing for your business.  It facilitates a direct interaction between the company and its audience and offers a platform for a potential ongoing dialogue between the two.  Text messages are a way for those without a huge advertising budget to reach their audiences.

Another obvious benefit to SMS marketing is the ability to deliver timely offers to your prospects and customers. Businesses can keep their audience up-to-date on offerings, sales, news and virtually anything else they might think of, for example:

  • A restaurant owner knows business is going to be slow on any given day and she sends an SMS message to everyone on her list offering a “Buy one, get one free” deal on entrees. Suddenly, the restaurant is full.
  • The owner of a boutique receives a shipment of the hottest fall boots – but only has 10 pairs. She sends a message to all the clients on her SMS list and sells the shoes before closing that evening.
  • A business consultant is out of town on business when his last meeting of the day is cancelled. Instead of losing that valuable time he sends out an SMS message to his list of clients and prospects in the area for an impromptu get-together with drinks, brainstorming, and discussion.

Real-time information is critical in some businesses and traditional marketing just doesn’t offer the same advantages in this respect.

Although developments in both mobile and traditional advertising should continue to be embraced, SMS is a technique your business can use now. Take some time and consider how you can add SMS marketing to your marketing plan.

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