We all have bad technology habits – forgetting (or failing) to back up files is a popular one – but here’s a quick list of bad tech habits that, if you’re guilty of doing them, need to be stopped soon.  While common, these three habits are also easy to break.

Leaving your computer on while you drive or travel
Have you ever left your laptop running while it’s sitting on the passenger seat of your car?  How about putting your netbook into a case, leaving it running on the subway or while walking up the stairs to your house or office?  Computers have a tendency to overheat in cramped quarters – and your chances of dropping and damaging them increases while you’re moving around.  Shut the machine down and reduce your chances of an accident or failure.

Using your computer in bed (or on other fabric)

It’s actually not a problem to use your computer in bed – it's when you leave the machine running on your puffy comforter that problems occur.  Fabric can block ventilation ports, causing overheating and ruining your laptop.  To avoid issues, use a lap desk or a book to keep some airflow between the two surfaces.

Using the same password for all accounts

If you’re using the same password to protect all your accounts, it’s time to make a change.  Using one password for everything makes it much easier for identity thieves to find your information and hack into your personal data.  Having a unique password for every need is unrealistic since they’re too easy to forget, so you may want to write them on paper and store them someplace safe (or even write them down in separate locations).  If you want additional help, consider a Password Manager such as those available from Roboform.com or ManageEngine.com.

Looking for more?

These are just a few bad tech habits, but are some of the quickest and easiest to fix.  Looking for more tips and suggestions?  Check out this article: http://howto.techworld.com/sme/3215031/how-to-break-your-bad-tech-habits/