We all know what an iPhone can do. We are able to use this handy device to connect to the Web and view the latest movies and tv shows. We can use it to update our Facebook pages and send out tweets. We can listen to music, make phone calls, to get directions to the closest Italian restaurant all with the iPhone. However, you might be surprised at what else your iPhone enables you to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of smartphone experts out there willing to share their top iPhone tricks with you.

Saving Time

If you find it difficult to type a Web address on the small on-screen keyboard, before clicking in the address bar on your browser, turn your iPhone to a horizontal position. The keyboard will now be larger, making it easier to type an “e” and not a “w”. This is a timesaving tip for making phone calls. When browsing the Web, if you find phone number you need to call, simply tap the telephone number on the screen and your phone will call it.


More Efficient Typing

This tip from Apple results in speedier typing.  When using the on-screen keyboard tap the space bar twice at the end of a sentence. This will automatically add a period and capitalize the next word you're going to type. If you use a lot of special characters, you can get them by touching and holding a letter. You can then chose the character you want and insert it into the message.


Quick Printing, Personalized Entertainment

If you own an AirPrint-enabled printer, you can print documents, emails, and even Web pages from your iPhone. To print an email message, tap the Reply icon and then select “Print” and your phone will send the message to your printer. For a Web page, touch the “Action” icon and select “Print.”


For you music lovers out there, you may create a music playlist on the run. Access the iPod app, tap the “Playlists” icon chose the “Add Playlist” icon. Relabel your playlist and add any video or song on your phone just by touching it.