We can all admit to spending a lot of time on Facebook. This is a lot more evident when you have work to do. Reading that business report or putting the final touches on that important presentation seems to take a backseat to Facebook. As a matter of fact, it’s often when there’s important work to do that it feels like we want to see what Facebook friends are up to, or want to post about that vacation. This may just be inevitable, but this is how you can make your Facebook experience more effective.

Filtering Friends

Do you have a Facebook friend that posts simply too often? Maybe there’s not a headline that goes by that this friend doesn’t forward. Maybe this friend posts what he ate at every lunch or what she thinks about every reality show on cable television. You need to block this friend’s posts. And you must do it without resorting to a de-friending.

There is hope, since Facebook lets you trim the material you get in your news feed and filter updates from specific sources. Find an update from a person you’d like to eliminate from your news feed and click on the arrow that pops up when you move your mouse’s cursor over the top right side of the update. A menu will show on the screen. Choose “unsubscribe from status updates” for that person to block messages.

Extending Messages, not Friendships

There is also a way that you can send a message to folks on Facebook, even when they are not already your Facebook friend. This is dependent on if they have allowed it in their settings - if they have, you'll be able to do this from their Facebook profile page. Just navigate to their page and click on the “Message” button on the upper-right hand corner.

Additionally, you can use Facebook Chat and connect it with external services. For instance, if you utilize Hotmail, you can use your Windows Live profile and integrate it with your Facebook account. This functionality is extremely good if you want to talk to your online friends from your mail window. Yahoo messenger actually provides a similar function - all you need to do is perform a search on Facebook for how you can achieve this integration.