Sometimes it pays to be paranoid.

A decade ago, organized crime received most of its profits from illegal drugs. Today, it’s from cybercrime. Everyone should understand that there really are people out to get what you have.

Controlling these threats takes a coordinated effort on the part of your employees and xlrINT. The business should have a policy defining allowable Internet usage. Various types of filters – such as content and spam – should be considered. Real-time screening for viruses and other forms of malware is mandatory. Policies concerning the use of personal equipment on the job, memory sticks, portable USB hard drives, and CD and DVD readers should be developed.

Ongoing education of employees to security risks should become part of the business culture since avoiding the risk is less costly than the subsequent repair.

xlrINT constantly monitors the news and events related to security threats, and evaluates the status of current products on an ongoing basis. We can assist you in staying ahead of the bad guys.