Advice when you need it.

Sometimes, you have a business problem that keeps you up at night. It needs to be studied, alternative solutions identified and evaluated, and an action plan developed and pursued.

But you and your staff don’t have the time – and maybe not all of the experience and skills needed – to do this right. You need a qualified third-party advisor to assist.

xlrINT can help.

First, we listen. We ensure that we understand your concerns. Then we identify the expertise and knowledge required to tackle the problem. We create a work plan and approach – that we share with you – to collect all necessary data, develop alternatives, and identify the best solutions. Once you agree, we create the plan to implement the solution.

While we may not be able to solve all of your business problems, there are many areas where we can help. Here are some examples:

  • Negotiated with large non-US companies on behalf of clients for technology acquisitions.
  • Developed strategic information system plans for multiple clients.
  • Evaluated the information technology organization and infrastructure in companies that were under consideration for acquisition.
  • Assisted in responding to security audits.
  • Assisted in the conduct of security audits.

Let’s talk about what’s keeping you up at night.