Backup, Backup, Backup... Repeat after me

Backups... Less than 1% of businesses do it every day. Only 60% of backup jobs actually finish successfully. Only 50% of restore attempts result in restored files. Only 20% of businesses store their backups offsite. Do these figures scare you? If not, they should. Data is the lifeblood of your business! Backup irreplaceable data from your desktops, laptops and servers - with xlrVault provided by xlrINT. With state of the art software and a strong infrastructure, we provide you with an enterprise class online backup service that ensures you can quickly restore your business to full operation after any kind of disaster!

xlrVault uses a simple and secure approach to backup your irreplaceable data. We install a small application on each computer you wish to backup, configure it to run at specified times to limit the business impact, and that’s it. If you should ever need to restore files, you can do so easily though a simple to use interface, or we can send you a USB hard drive with all of your data the next day. Backing up your data has never been easier!

Why Should You Consider xlrVault?

Our Staff monitors the results of your backups and takes appropriate corrective action in the event of a missed or incomplete backup.
Your data is available to you on a USB hard drive within 24 hours of a major hardware failure or disaster. Files can be restored any time via an easy to use web interface.
We remotely connect to your server, desktop, or laptop and help you install and configure the software.
System State, Registry, Data, SQL Server, mySQL, Exchange are all provided.
Cross platform support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012/SBS Server, Mac OSX 10.x, Linux

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