What do you mean you didn’t make a backup?!?
You backup nightly, you backup weekly, you store your backups off-site, you keep several versions of your data, but…. You skip one backup and your hard drive fails after you finish your annual report that is due tomorrow. What are you going to do? You need a data recovery service. Many hard drives, USB external hard drives, USB storage devices, and even CDs and DVDs can be recovered. Sometimes it is as easy as using the built in Windows operating systems tools, other times it requires significant effort that only skilled professionals can do. Whatever your needs, xlrINT can help you recover from data loss. We have many stories of recovering data that our clients thought was gone. We have recovered pictures that clients thought were gone forever, corrected corrupted Access databases, restored entire hard drives, and recovered user deleted data for legal purposes.

If you have suffered a data loss, contact us and we will work with you to restore your data or help you find a qualified forensic data specialists for those really difficult cases.