Working and Trouble Free Desktops are the Key to Employee Productivity.

How much downtime do your users experience each month due to a hardware or software issues on their desktop? Even if it is only 2 hours per month, over the three year life of a typical desktop computer, your employees are wasting approximately $3,500 waiting for a fix for their desktop or attempting to diagnose and repair their own desktop. This doesn’t even take into account the impact on other employees, your clients, and your vendors.

Most small businesses attempt to manage their desktop computers on their own. It is usually the business owner or the office manager who tries to repair or correct the situation and becomes the office “handyman” for computers. This is valuable time spent working on computers that should be used running your business. xlrINT can take this trouble off of your hands with our Desktop Management program. We monitor all desktops on your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our management software routinely looks for issues such as potential hardware failures, undersized hardware, errors being written to the error logs, required patches, etc. We proactively monitor for over 100 issues and typically resolve those issues before they become a problem for your employees. Most issues can be resolved through a remote connection to your desktop and if they can’t, then we will dispatch a technician to your office to quickly resolve the problem.