We’re like a Guardian Angel.

What is running on your network? Do you have any viruses lurking on your desktops? Are all your desktops running the most current versions of software? Is it properly licensed? These are just a few of the questions most business owners can't answer, and frankly, shouldn't be required to answer. Network management and monitoring is one of the most overlooked Information Technology areas for small businesses. It’s a proactive form of IT outsourcing that works well for small businesses.

Through our Network Management and Monitoring program, we monitor your network 24/7. Our staff continuously monitors your network, servers, desktops, and printers so that you don't have to. Many times we catch and resolve issues before end users even realize there is a problem.

If users have an issue we haven't detected, help is only a quick phone call or email away. We can remotely connect to any desktop or server on your network and quickly resolve almost all issues. Our technicians have seen most of the issues on small business networks and have been trained to identify and remedy issues without going on site. This saves you time and money because your employees will be back in business with a minimum of downtime.

When do you see your current IT provider? It may be when a desktop breaks or someone says, “I think I have a virus” or “my computer is running slow.” At xlrINT, we schedule regular visits to your site to discuss current trends in technology, make recommendations on updates or upgrades you should consider, and review the overall health of your network.