We Are Your Business Partners.

"I would say to them that xlrINT is not an IT firm that you utilize when something goes wrong, it’s much more. They are a great resource for your business when you are looking to do any technical changes. They will help research companies with you, give honest feedback, and walk you through pros and cons. They are on your side and want to make sure the business makes the best decision possible by going over all options. It is truly a personalized service. When you call xlrINT you never have to state where you’re calling from - they remember their clients, which is awesome. You don’t have to answer all these questions so they can verify your business, etc."

Office Manager Eye Clinic

We Are There When You Need Us.

"The biggest benefit is that xlrINT is always available. Whenever you call someone always picks up and is ready to help. Never have to leave voicemails or continuously follow up to make sure things are being resolved. No matter how many times we call, and trust me sometimes it is 10+ times a day, no one on the support team ever seems annoyed. They are very quick to resolve issues."

Office Manager Multi-Site Eye Clinic

We Are Proactive.

"From what I have heard from colleagues in my networking meetings, most IT firms are not proactive. xlrINT is always proactive on making sure our company is staying up to date with new technology, software, etc."

Office Manager Eye Clinic

"My business has been using xlrINT for over 8 years, and I can say without hesitation that their service and technical knowledge is top shelf. I have always been very happy with the relationship that xlrINT owners and engineers have made with me and my staff. My business is a busy optometric practice with 2 locations, and we need to always be up and running to be able to take care of the needs of our patients. We know that xlrINT is always in the background making sure our networks are functioning properly, and they are always there in a moment’s notice when something does go wrong.

xlrINT has also been great at providing services other than just keeping our network running. They’ve designed and maintained our website, and have been responsible for my practice always being at the top of the search engines for our services. They also have expertise with social media, and have helped maintain our presence. We will continue to use xlrINT for our IT and business consulting needs."

Optometrist Sugar Land, Texas

"After almost 10 years of working with xlrINT, I can't imagine a day without them on my team. From website building to backing up information to just every day computer problems, they are always just a phone call away. For easy problems they just remote in and fix it on the spot. For harder problems, they may take your machine in for "service", but whatever the problem, they can handle it and make sure it is fixed and fixed right. Make no mistake, xlrINT is a valuable part of our business and our business wouldn't be the same without them and their tech advice and problem solving."

Regional Manager Auto Sales Dealer

We Are Interested In Your Success.

"If you are on the fence about choosing an IT firm, choose xlrINT, because xlrINT's knowledgeable techs care about your business as if it were their own, and they possess an enthusiasm, and personal professionalism that you can't find anywhere else. We were elated to have found them ourselves!"

Office Manager Law Firm

Quick Response.

"What stands out most between xlrINT and all the other companies we've used throughout the years is xlrINT's sense of urgency, and consistent reliability, in getting us back up and running double quick.  If problems aren’t solved quickly, xlrINT is at your door that same day."

Office Manager Law Firm

"Using xlrINT services has enabled our business to perform at the highest level of functionality. The level of expertise is strong and the follow through is phenomenal! They are the “Yes” team and the one you can count on to help get you back on track when time is crucial! They function as our full-time IT department and are a tremendous help to our company!"

Custom Home Builder Bellaire, Texas

"I never hesitate to refer xlrINT to clients or acquaintances. Everyone is exceptionally professional and qualified. They are sensitive to the particular IT needs of those they service and their timely response is always greatly appreciated."

CPA Houston, Texas