Two are always better than one... when it comes to computers

Five years ago you could have done your accounting on paper, you could have paid your payroll with paper checks or you could have checked your bank balances by phone. But today, without a computer and Internet access these simple tasks are almost impossible. However, with the advent of relatively inexpensive co-location and hosting facilities even small businesses can afford to have complete site redundancy in their environment.

What is site redundancy? It is a technical architecture which creates a complete duplicate of computers and data at a location away from your main business location. Your main site and the remote site are connected by high-speed data lines which allow for duplication of data between the sites in a real-time or near real-time fashion. Site redundancy allows for quick failover in the event of a disaster or interruption in service at your main location. Some scenarios even allow for a transition so seamless that your users wouldn’t even know a disaster or failure had occurred.

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